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T  O.K. ... First I would like you to check out my husband's awesome new poem about the tourists of red rock country.

Second, I want to introduce you to the interesting healing wand Craig made this past weekend (Sept. 2, 2013). It contains almandine garnet crystals, amethyst, and kunzite, amplified through a water-clear crystal of quartz. The amethyst crystal on one end rests against the power point of the user's palm, and the positive vibrations exit through the clear quartz, into the patient who is being healed. This wand is especially designed for wound healing, pain relief, nervous system, blood, and intestines.

Craig finished an emerald wand just recently, which you can see here. You can also read the story he wrote about deciding to make these wands by clicking here.

Finally, let's get one thing straight: I love moldavite. Luuuuuv it. Moldavite is truly a celestial and cosmic stone; imagine, a meteoric material with gemstone qualities. Found mostly in the eastern European region known as Moldavia, moldavite in the rough, as it is found in the fields by tenacious Czech prospectors, looks like this:
Does not this stone look as if it has had a difficult birth into our world? If you are just learning about this material, here is Wikipedia's page on it: en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Moldavite