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Messed Up Year: A Novel

Wiliam Ryder Mann, an English teacher and friend of Jasperhound, says he wrote A Messed Up Year: First Quarter to offer a fun and gripping story that raises real life ethical dilemmas in the face of the typical "effluence of facile plot formulas and gratuitous melodramas spilling onto mass market book lists." What would happen if he wrote a novel that anyone who ever experienced an identity crisis would find entertaining? Readers, young and old alike, have found A Messed Up Year a page-turner to rival bestsellers' interest levels, while offering a uniquely original plot. Click Overview to read a brief synopsis.

Jasper-Hound Gems is proud to publish this first novel of Mr. Mann and is further honored with the painting
2000 Number 6  chosen to grace the cover of the book. Jasper-Hound gems shall be acting as the sole promoter and agent for the author and the novel's first edition. If the book is well received, people can look forward to the next volume of a planned series, Second Quarter.

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2000 Number 6 by C.A. Andrews