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A poem about red rock country by my husband, CraigCrystal Therapy Wands: My Story
Crystal Therapy Wands: My Story

About the Crystal Therapy Wand, by Jasper-Hound Designs

September, 2013

Why I Made a Wand

    In spring 2013, my wife discovered she had been severely injured 18 months prior during a routine surgery, and an attempt to repair the defect failed, causing worse bodily harm. She was left with damaged internal organs, leaving her facing more surgery, prolonged inability to work, depression, dietary and lifestyle restrictions, and financial uncertainty. I soon realized the necessity of ensuring that our home was full of healing energy upon her return from three weeks in the hospital. She came home with an open wound that needed dressing and she also needed me to assist with other personal functions. I could see her shock and disorientation and felt my own loss, anger, confusion, and helplessness. Friends and family extended aid and kindness, yet it became clear that my wife and I would need to take our own positive steps to energize my wife’s recovery with healing thoughts. We studied books and programs that taught us the power of the mind, such as texts written by Ernest Holmes and Louise Hay.

My wife has always been an adherent of metaphysical uses of stones, but my own love of gems and minerals has derived from the lapidary (rock cutting and polishing) angle. In rock shops, she has always gravitated to things such as Herkimer “diamonds,” and wire-wrapped fairy crosses (staurolite), whereas I have tended to prowl for agate and jasper slabs to turn into polished jewelry pieces. As my wife endured her painful convalescence, I consciously shifted into a willingness to believe in the metaphysical properties of minerals. My wife needed all the support I could give, and this would be one way I could infuse her with my love and energy in a way that would resonate with her body and soul. My elderly father once studied dowsing and crystal healing, and when he heard I was now willing to learn about metaphysical uses of rocks, he showed me a diagram for a therapeutic wand he had constructed in the late 1980’s after attending a dowsing convention. I took his drawing and modified the plan strictly along intuitive lines, making the changes that pleased me, just as I would if I were creating an original watercolor painting. I listened to my inner voice.

How I Made the Prototype

    As per my father’s instructions, I found a clear quartz crystal as well as an amethyst point, and sawed the bottom off each, using my rock saw. I then drilled a 1.5-millimeter hole into the center of the bottom of each crystal, which is just large enough to admit a 12-guage copper wire. This wire is the key to the wand. As it spirals through the central portion where the exotic crystals are resonating, it connects both ends: the amethyst and quartz points. Copper is highly valued for its conductivity of energy. My father’s original design calls for a series of wooden and plastic insulators within the wand, but intuitively I wanted to connect the piezoelectric frequencies of the two crystals along the spectrum of the internal contents, not shield the two points. In fact, if anything, amplifying the effect made more sense to me. Thus, I shrouded the ends of the wire within amplifying copper tubing to increase transmission. My father used opaque plastic tubing for his wand, but I wanted to show the beautiful crystals inside the wand and decided I needed a transparent tube. I found a narrow glass jar and sawed the bottom off. I sanded the sharp edge to prevent any injury. I made end caps out of pine, and everything was ready to assemble. I chose crystals of almandine garnet, amethyst, and kunzite to comprise the internal workings of the wand. Metaphysical people know the properties of those crystals or can find that information in books or online. I won’t go into those properties here. Let’s just say that the minerals for this first wand were deliberately chosen for my wife’s therapeutic needs (alleviating pain, healing a large incision, mending a damaged colon). I have not made my wand’s construction a secret; being transparent, all aspects of its construction are fully visible. Moreover, the components are no secret. Anyone who so desired to make a similar wand could do so, had he or she the correct materials and tools available. I do not believe in being miserly about something I have made with love in my heart and hands.

How I Use the Wand

    I have now been doing energy work (with my hands) with my wife, and each week I have been noticing major progress in the feeling I get as I slowly pass my hands over her horizontal body. I use prayers, both oral and written (and placed beneath the orgonite pyramid and Tesla coils that an apprentice shaman made for me). Prior to approaching the patient, I thoroughly relax and breathe deeply until my mind is clear and focused on the healing intention. Before using the wand, I hold it and look into the crystals and visualize them cleared of all unwanted or past energies. I light white sage leaves and let them smoke in an abalone shell. The smoke smudges the wand, which I place nearby in preparation. The wand is used with the patient standing or sitting upright. The amethyst point rests against the power point in the middle of my right hand’s palm while the other fingers gently grasp the shaft of the wand and aim it at the patient, at a distance of about five or six inches. I place my other hand on the opposite side of the patient's body at an equal distance and then I rotate the wand clockwise. This motion expresses my intention to infuse her with love and positive healing vibrations. I encourage her to welcome my vibrations very consciously and meditatively. Soon, she can feel a pleasing warm sensation imbuing the area being treated. A counter-clockwise motion would be used to extract an unwanted energy, but I am so far using a clockwise rotation. There are, of course, other motions a user could employ. There is no wrong way to use the wand. Each user need only let his or her intuitive motions guide the wand. After use, the wand is allowed to purify in the stream of white sage smoke. These therapies are best performed outdoors, beneath open sky. I have yet to experiment with performing them at night, but I will be doing so with the coming shorter seasons.

This Is My Story, not a Series of Claims

    Rather than hype my wand with a desire to commercialize it and persuade you to buy it, I choose simply to tell my story—how I have shifted in my thinking to be more open to all available channels of healing for my wife’s sake. Certainly, the conventional hospital medicine has lately caused her more harm than good in this case. Her physical wounds have caused mental- and soul-scars that need repairing as well. Since she is a person who believes in the power of mind and in the vibrational frequencies of all created objects and living organisms, I have found it expedient to have these therapeutic sessions with my wife. I am not certified in any formal way, nor have I studied under any metaphysical “guru.” I have simply followed my intuition and have tried to let my loving, healing intentions flow into my wife’s consciousness. I truly believe that the use of crystals and the wand have aided me in transmitting this flow. I look forward to being able to publish some positive results and report a cheerful outcome to my wife’s medical ordeal.

    Many people, after seeing (and even hearing about) my wand have asked to purchase one. One person even suggested a scheme to mass market the item and make a lot of money. I do want to share the wand, but I have to do it my way. I am choosing to allow the mood/spirit/artistic impulse to govern any future wand creations. Much like I approach my visual artwork, I envision working on one wand at a time, assimilating the materials in their time, as they come to me, and as I am moved to create. For example, I am already planning a wand with amethyst and emerald innards. The emeralds, which I have already obtained, are not gemmy enough to be made into jewels, but they are still beautiful and possess the mineralogical qualities of gem-grade material. The wand will contain 20 grams of the emerald crystals and is specifically designed for immune and upper respiratory therapy. Again, I make no medical claims but simply state my purpose and intention for the wand. How another chooses to use it is his or her own choice. For many, the wand is merely a unique work of art, suitable for display and visual enjoyment. I also now plan to use high-grade extruded acrylic tubing for the wand body, as I feel the glass could be more prone to shattering and injuring someone if the wand is accidentally dropped. Glass itself possesses no crystal structure whatsoever (it is amorphous), so this is not a sacrifice to the wand and even enhances its durability. It will still be transparent. In all cases, my wands must have a quartz point on the emitting end and an amethyst point on the palm end.


How to Obtain a Wand

As for selling a wand, I charge for the materials I put into the creation, including the crystals, the tubing, the metals, and the diamond-tipped blades and drill bits, which wear out very quickly when working quartz. I also feel that I should be paid a nominal amount for my time. Thus any wand I sell will not be cheap but it will also not be exorbitantly expensive. It will be a totally unique, artistic, and possibly even therapeutic piece. As with all artwork, stones, and jewelry I sell on my website, Jasperhoundgems.com, and my showroom sales, this item is 100-percent guaranteed to satisfy or there is a full refund upon returning the item. I have never had an item returned but feel I must stand behind anything I make and sell. Thus, my wands will be risk-free. A person could purchase one, keep it for months even, and decide to return it if he or she so desired. I can always clear its energy for my own use afterward! Feel free to get in touch via email: jasperhound@jasperhoundgems.com.

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