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A poem about red rock country by my husband, Craig
A poem about red rock country by my husband, Craig
Amid red sand-
   stone canyons
       tourists travel
          two-lane highways
          and eye geological forms
            through the lenses of digital Nikons.

Whoever knew so many
   would travel so far
   and find amazing
      so much rock?

A blond adolescent
   utters a hushed exclamation
      to his Nordic parents
         while watching two mule deer
            whom his father
            promptly photographs.

Mothers with sons
   and daughters
pad the trail
   in sealed booties
      after wading Zion's Narrows
         in rented rubber suits.
They look wearied ...

And here come two brothers,
   trudging red-faced.
They came to abide the advice
   of tourist handlers.

Busses sputter up and down canyons,
   happy vacationers riding inside
      looking and pointing.

Meanwhile the transcience
   of the giant sandstone summits
      seems lost on many people;

the ancient song of the earth grinding on its axis
   falls onto deaf ears.
The canyon cliffs look so enduring,
   as if they have been always          
      as they are.

But beneath a hiking boot
   a pebble trickles down a footpath
      irrevocably altering the landscape