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Death Valley Eastern View

Painting measures 18" x 24" and will ship in a flat box to the purchaser. As a special bargain, I am shipping this free within the U.S.; international purchaser, please await contact me for correct shipping quote prior to payment. The piece is a composite view of geological formations in and around Death Valley, California, culled from numerous studies I have made of the place. I have taken liberties with some of the colors although all the colors used are found in the formations, depending on the time of day one views them. What makes this piece surreal is that I have combined views of the formations from pre-dawn through dusk, including all the hues one would see at those varied times--all in one painting. For some reason my digital camera has altered the sky somewhat, as the highlights in the clouds should be reading fairly white. I am trying to figure out what happened with the photography.Close ups of the brushwork are below

PriceĀ  $ 369.00
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