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Study 2003
This painting, measuring 15" x 9" was completed in 2003 and is watercolor on paper, unframed. It will ship in a special shipping envelope, flat and unrolled. If shipping and packing ends up costing less, I will refund your Paypal.

I will ship internationally, but wait for invoice before paying so that I can calculate shipping
Price  $ 155.00
Study 2004
This piece was executed in 2004 and appears to represent a desert landscape during stormy weather. It is watercolor on heavy paper, unmatted and unframed. It measures 11" x 15". It will ship in a special flat mailer within the U.S. for $13.50. International purchasers await a complete quote on the invoice once I calculate shipping to your door. This is one of the least expensive paintings I am offering for sale, and I will be surprised if it lasts very long.
Price  $ 109.00
This piece is composed in India ink and archival watercolor on acid-free paper. It measures 17-3/4" x 17-3/4" square and is unmatted and unframed. It was executed in the 1994 and is the study for a larger piece that is oil on canvas. It will ship in a special flat mailer for $13.50 within the U.S. International purchasers await shipping quote before final payment, please.
Price  $ 567.00
Executed in 1993, this surreal image measures 9" x 12" and is composed in India ink and watercolor on heavy archival paper. It is unmatted and unframed and will ship in a special flat mailer for $13.50 to the United States. International purchasers email or await invoice for correct shipping amount.
Price  $ 267.00
Chromatic Abstract
Painted using archival pigments on heavy archival acid-free watercolor paper, this watercolor measures 17-3/4" x 9". Unframed.
Price  $ 89.00
Orange Landscape
Rich in vermillion hues, this watercolor measures 15" x 11" and was executed in 2000. It is unmounted and unframed and will ship flat.
Price  $ 249.00
Pyramid Painting
Executed in 2000 and measuring 14-1/4" x 7-1/4", this watercolor on paper is made from archival materials and is sold unmounted and unframed.
Price  $ 379.00
Study for 1998 Acrylic
This is the watercolor and paper study for the finished canvas in the canvas category of the store. It measures 18" x 18" and was executed in 1994.
Price  $ 200.00
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