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2003 Number 2
This piece is actually painted in archival acrylic pigments and measures 30" x 24". It is a very colorful landscape, as yet unframed. It is painted on stretched canvas and will be shipped in a flat box. Prior to making payment, email or await invoice for shipping amount to be accurate.
Price  $ 450.00
After the Rain Storm
Executed in 2001 in oil on canvas, this abstract painting also includes use of black enamel, applied with a vulture feather. This piece measures 28" x 22" and will ship packed in a flat box, still stretched to its stretcher frame. After purchasing, await invoice or email me for the total price once we have calculated packing and shipping to your address.
Price  $ 479.00
Death Valley View
Executed in oil on canvas, "40" x 30", this painting is a composite of several views in and around Death Valley. It is unframed and will ship within a large flat box. Await invoice or email me for an actual shipping quote to your door. It is a dramatic landscape that plays tricks with one's notions of what Hockney calls "the tyranny of perspective."
Price  $ 499.00
Oil on canvas, framed in a modern gray wooden frame, measuring 48" x 30". Portions of the composition include black enamel applied with a vulture feather. Unfortunately, no date was recorded but it is believed to have been completed in the mid-2000's. This piece will be professionally boxed, packed, and shipped to your door. After purchase, await a total with the shipping quote figured in. You may email for a quote as well. I do NOT unstretch paintings and roll them for shipping, so do not ask.
Price  $ 4355.00
Winter Sky
Oil on canvas, framed in a modern gray wooden frame created special by the artist--a savings of several hundred dollars in framing expense. This piece measures 48" x 22" and was executed in 1990. A watercolor study of the piece is in a private collection in California. This piece has been shown in numerous exhibits in San Luis Obispo and Ventura Counties, California throughout the 90's. Interested parties may email me for the painting's exhibition history.
Price  $ 899.00
Orange Clouds
Oil on canvas, this painting was executed in 1987. It measures 48" x 36" and is mounted on stretchers but unframed. It will be shipped in a large flat box, professionally packed and insured. When purchasing, please inquire about shipping cost prior to payment.
Price  $ 679.00
#4 2003
This 30" x 40" oil on canvas was executed in 2003.
Price  $ 1375.00
Through the Forest
Measuring 30" x 30", this oil on canvas landscape was executed in 2002. It is custom framed.
Price  $ 1149.00
This acrylic on canvas piece measures 48" x 24" and was executed during 1999. It is a surreal land/skyscape with an unpotted cactus lording above a desert sunset.
Price  $ 799.00
This is a large 1994 oil on canvas, mounted onto masonite secured to a wooden frame. It has gallery edges and needs no additional framing, for a modern look. Its dimensions are 48" x 48" and it will need to be crated for shipping. If purchasing, await an invoice with shipping quote before payment.
Price  $ 3159.00
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