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Ammonite and peridots pendant
Ammonite and peridots set in one-of-a-sterling silver setting with fancy bail and chain dangles. Open link to item for purchasing directions

Price  $ 45.00
Boulder opal pendant
Polished teardrop of Australian boulder opal with sterling silver bail. Nice! Open link to item for purchasing instructions.
Price  $ 30.00
Chrysoprase pendant with genuine gemstones, pearls
A nicely designed, large piece featuring fancy sterling silver setting, a high grade chrysoprase stone, pearls, peridot. Great bargain, as the chrysoprase stone alone is worth the price. Open link to item for more information.
Price  $ 79.95
Polished ammonite fossil, faceted citrine, silver
A really unique piece with the faceted citrine stone accenting the fossil ammonite, which is surrounded by a bold twist of sterling silver wire. Open link to item for more information. You may also click on the photo to enlarge.
Price  $ 40.00
Herringbone neck chain 22"
A really nice and fashionable chain that can go with many of our creations. Compare prices, and you will see that this is a good deal. Click on item for purchase policies. Click on photo to enlarge it.
Price  $ 60.00
SOLD Stunning tiger eye pendant
This is truly a unique and gorgeous piece crafted with exquisite precision and attention to detail. The stone is blue and gold variegated tiger eye. This will definitely turn heads. Makes a great gift.
Price  $ 48.95
Gorgeous ocean jasper ring
SOLD Yes, you read the price correctly: truly a killer deal. This ring is probably about size 5 or so, for a small finger. Click on item to enlarge. Read store policies on full description.
Price  $ 35.00
Men's large figaro neck chain 24"
This is a nice big chain, very manly. It's like the one I wear everyday, except the next size larger. Of course, a female could wear this chain too, but I just see it as more of a man's chain. Click on photo to enlarge it. Click on item for purchase policies.
Price  $ 60.00
Boulder opal pendant
Such a small price for such a large piece; the bail is all sterling silver as well. Guaranteed to satisfy; read policy by clicking link.
Price  $ 25.00
Opal triplet pendant--SOLD
This is a huge, lively stone set into sterling silver. You will not believe this stone in person. It is a triplet, meaning it is backed by basanite and capped with clear quartz. If this stone was solid opal this flashy, it would cost into the thousands. Read store policy by clicking link--oh, and don't forget to enlarge photo by clicking on it!
Price  $ 95.00
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