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Opal and variquoise pendant
This jasperhound piece features variquoise from Broken Arrow mine, near Tonopah, NV. It is not treated in any way other than polished. The opal is a firey blue Australian.
Price  $ 90.00
Three agate pendants, one low price
One each: amethyst sage agate, Mexican moss agate, and Mexican Aztec purple lace agate. Bails for the chain to slide through are soldered sterling wires. Stones have mirror polish. Click on photo to enlarge. Also click on link to item for more information.
Price  $ 35.00
Sterling pendant with Ocean Jasper
A discreet smaller piece that is one-of-a-kind. Soldered link is sized for a smaller chain. Click link to item for purchasing directions. Enlarge photo by clicking on it.
Price  $ 40.00
Leatherette necklace cord with sterling tips
Perfect to use with our tumbled pendant gemstones that have the sterling silver wire bails. This is a bit more costly than some cords because the clasp parts are all sterling. Quality counts ... Cord is between 22-24"
Price  $ 19.99
Biggs jasper pendant
This is one of the rare jaspers, which I have shaped, drilled, and tumble finished front and back. It has the classic landscape pattern in it. Biggs jasper comes form Biggs Junction, Oregon, and is one of the true classics.

A big, bold piece. Sterling silver wire bail is soldered, so you will never lose the stone.

Click photo to enlarge, and click item for store policies.

Price  $ 15.00
SOLD Flashy labradorite pendant
Turn heads with this shimmery labradorite moonstone freeform, suspended onto a sterling silver loop large enough for big chains. This is one lively stone, polished to a mirror finish. Click on item for purchase info.
Price  $ 35.00
Best quality chrysoprase pendant
A very high grade of chrysoprase, freeform and suspended from a sterling silver wire bail for immediate wearing.
Price  $ 19.99
SOLD Stunning variscite pendant
This is a very artistic piece flawlessley polished on both sides and suspended from a sterling silver wire bail, which is soldered for a lifetime of safe wearing.
Price  $ 19.99
Montana moss agate pendant
This is a great little piece, with smokey agate full of dark inclusions. Ready to wear on your chain, or add one of our chains to your order.
Price  $ 15.00
Turquoise set in sterling silver
A nice size piece in gleaming sterling silver, ready to add to your chain, or you can purchase one of our chains to go with it. This piece of turquoise was very high grade rough and needed no treatment. Click on photo for enlargement; click on item link for purchase infor.
Price  $ 79.99
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