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Mook jasper sphere
Highly polished sphere is about 45-50mm in diameter. Nice piece.
Price  $ 25.00
Display crystal
This is a large quartz crystal inset into a hand made wooden base. Perfect for display, and nicely priced for a quick sale.
Price  $ 30.00
Crazy lace agate specimen
A nice, affordable display piece for your collection. Click on item for purchase info.
Price  $ 20.00
Deep Geode, polished for display
This is a great specimen, flat on the bottom and polished on the front for display. It is large and weighs well over 4 pounds. It is not dyed or colored--all natural. I believe this geode was found in Brazil. See closeup of photo. Click item link for purchase info.
Price  $ 47.50
Carnelian suncatcher
This piece is fully polished to a mirror finish on both sides. Generously sized piece from my shop. This piece is about 3/8" thick. Email for more photos.
Price  $ 9.99
Huge, awesome pink geode
This geode, from Dugway, Utah, has incredible agate banding and sparkling clear, white, and unusual pink crystals glittering inside like sugary candy.
Price  $ 50.00
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