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Tiger eye cabochon
A knock out! Variegated gold and blue tiger eye, calibrated to 20 x 15 mm. It is polished front and back to a mirror finish so it is perfect for wire wrapping. Open link to item for store policies. Click on photo to enlarge.
Price  $ 35.00
Bruneau jasper freeform
Polished front and back for wire wrappers. One of my favorite jaspers! Open link to item for more info.
Price  $ 35.00
Carnelian freeform
Polished front and back for wire wrappers. This item is perfect for your custom silver creations. Women love carnelian, which is a gemstone used a lot by ancient Egyptians. Click on item link for purchase. You may also click on the photo and enlarge it.
Price  $ 35.00
Jasper freeform
Gorgeous cabochon of desert jasper, almost sort of a tear drop shape. Polished front and back for wire wrappers.
Price  $ 16.00
30 x 40 mm Condor agate
This material is getting ever more pricey in the rough. Here is a nicely designed calibrated stone ready for your mount. It has nice banding. Condor agate comes from Argentina and is still being mined today. I purchased this rough from Luis, the miner.
Price  $ 30.00
High grade ocean jasper
Perfect for wirewrapping (polished back) this stone has the pronounced orbs that are so desired. Nice piece.
Price  $ 30.00
Botswana agate fire wirewrap
Polished front and back for wire wrapping. A really cool banded design on this flawless cabochon. Click to enlarge,and click link for purchase infor.
Price  $ 30.00
Boulder opal freeform
This is one of the best boulder opals I have ever cut. A magical piece! Click to enlarge.
Price  $ 39.95
Morrisonite freeform cab
Morrisonite was mined from an almost inaccessible region of western Idaho and is known worldwide as "the king of jaspers." What could you do with this stone?
Price  $ 30.00
Ocean jasper 30 x 22 mm
Nice bull's eye orbs in this stone, which is ready for your fabrication or wire wrap piece. Click on photo to enlarge it. Click on item link for purchase info.
Price  $ 15.00
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