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Artistic Botswana agate pendant
Botswana agate is difficult to cut without it acquiring relief fractures as material is removed. This is a piece hand-fabricated by Jasperhound and set in a unique sterling pendant. click item for more info.
Price  $ 75.00
Opal and variquoise pendant
This jasperhound piece features variquoise from Broken Arrow mine, near Tonopah, NV. It is not treated in any way other than polished. The opal is a firey blue Australian.
Price  $ 90.00
Turquoise set in sterling silver
A nice size piece in gleaming sterling silver, ready to add to your chain, or you can purchase one of our chains to go with it. This piece of turquoise was very high grade rough and needed no treatment. Click on photo for enlargement; click on item link for purchase infor.
Price  $ 79.99
Large lapis relief pendant
Deep Azure Afghani lapis set into custom heavy sterling pendant.
Price  $ 150.00
Bruneau jasper and Kingman turquoise
Gorgeous combination of forms and colors.
Price  $ 150.00
Striking Mooka jasper pendant
This wonderful piece is about 50mm long. Chain not included. A favorite stone of metaphysical practitioners.
Price  $ 65.00
Kingman turquoise pendant
Deep sky blue stone.
Price  $ 135.00
Picture Jasper Pendant
Like a painting made by nature.
Price  $ 78.00
Exciting #8 Mine Turquoise Pendant
The best turquoise available on the planet. Untreated in any way.
Price  $ 200.00
Kingman turquoise pendant with notchwork
Large, bold piece with Southwest motif.
Price  $ 125.00
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