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If you need to use a credit card (and do not have PayPal), simply email me and ask me to list the item in my Etsy store, where you will be able to purchase it any method you desire. If you are an International purchaser, email me for a shipping quote and invoice. jasperhound@jasperhoundgems.com
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Petrified palm earrings
Lousiana palm frond stones in sterling.
Price  $ 60.00
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Necklaces with Beads (16)
Ready-to-wear Necklaces

Pendants (17)
Pendants (for neckchains)

New from Jasperhound's Shop (40)
Here you will find fancy Sterling Silver and gemstone pieces 100% fabricated in my shop, along with beadwork assembled here. I do take custom orders.

Rings (5)

Gemstone cabochons (14)

Fine gemstone cabochons custom cut and polished by Jasperhound Gems. Most of these items will ship for 3.50 for first item.

Casual Jewelry by Jasperhound (18)

Here is where you find beautiful creations from gemstones cut and polished by the Jasper-Hound himself. These items start at a mere $15 and go up from there. Don't hesitate to contact us to commission a special piece from your own stone. Might as well take a peek because you know you want to!

Sterling Silver Creations from worldwide crafters (16)

Sterling silver creations, as well as chains available at market price.

Metaphysical Stones (4)

Beautiful stones for holding, wearing, or just keeping around you. A bit of research will reveal to you the spiritual value of the many unique stones that are available.

Rock and Mineral Specimens (6)

This is where you find decorator, collector, and display pieces, such as petrified wood, amethyst plates, fluorite crystals, polished spheres, and a whole range of items for your home.

Tumbled Stones (4)

Yes, here at Jasper-Hound Gems, there are rock tumblers running 24/7. We have a lot of obsidian, including nuggets of snowflake and apache tears. There are also carnelians, agates, jaspers, and moonstones, all affordably priced for the collector.