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Greetings, and welcome to Jasper-Hound Gems, a clearing house for my passions, artistic pursuits, and merchandise.

On my Favorite Links page, you can download my songs for free from my Reverb Nation connection. I hope you can put them onto your Ipod and enjoy them. There, you will also find videos I am creating for your enjoyment.

I have just uploaded a "Latest Work" page (please click on link) to showcase artwork and rocks completed this past year.

It is my intention to update this site frequently, so please consider saving the bookmark. Here you will find numerous beautiful gemstones crafted out of rare and collectible agates, jaspers, opals, turquoise, and other materials. These stones are perfect for setting into your own sterling silver jewelry creations. You can also peruse the current offering of polished mineral specimens, which are perfect for home decor, especially if you enjoy studying the metaphysical properties of minerals.

There is a section of this website devoted to
fine art, showcasing works in watercolor, oil, and acrylic from a career spanning three decades of showing and selling art. I would love it if you would take a look at the images. I would also be honored if you would read my published essay on Postmodernism in Art. Life is too short to live with bad art. My Artist's Statement is a guide for understanding my painting, and I am slowly getting a résumé on my site, but it has a way to go.

New for Jasper-Hound Gems is the venture of publishing books, and happily the first title is due for release summer 2012. Titled
A Messed Up Year: First Quarter, William Ryder Mann's novel narrates the events of three students at Santa Carolina High School, who transform through a magical, ominous process into enviable peers, leaving the protagonist nearly alone in facing the results of his desires. Needless to say, the story contains a major plot element that Jasperhound cannot resist: a secret cave full of glowing, sparkling fluorite crystals, worthy of the world's best museums. Rockhounds take note. You can read Amazon's overview of the novel. Kindle edition is availabe now!

My lovely wife is offering Kate's Korner as a page for sharing her insights and experiences with the metaphysical and mysterious powers of rocks and minerals. I know a lot of you will want to check that out. Kate has taken to giving me a space to exhibit therapy wands I have been making with crystals of quartz, amethyst, kunzite, garnet, emeralds, and other.

please enjoy my favorite links. Email me for consideration of reciprocal link placement for relevant sites. Thanks for stopping by today.

C. A. Andrews